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Back to School

After teaching computer sciences for the last 13 years, I’ve finally decided to complete my Baccalaureate degree. I’m now feverishly typing papers and building an online portfolio to show I know something about computers, that I am a skilled Photoshop user and that I can use various instructional tools to build courses that promote student success. I’m hoping to complete my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Vocational Ed in two years – like I said, I hope!

To Blog or Not to Blog

Why do I have to have a Blog? Because “everyone” has a Blog, or so I’m told. I have a Web site (several), I have email accounts (many), I have a cell phone, a work phone, and now I’m supposed to have a Blog. Why!? So that you can peer into my thoughts and make judgments on my character? So that I can enlighten the world with my prophetic style of writing? Well what then? I guess I’ll find out in the months and years to come. Got any ideas?