The Bennett Company was a partnership between me and my dad from 1987 until his passing in 1997. My father was "retired" by this time, having sold the Riverside County Record newspaper to Al McCombs of the Chino Champion. Essentially Bennett Company's clients consisted of my graphic design and printing clients from Bizzare Productions and the Western Athletic Supply (WAS) annual baseball equipment catalog from my dad's long-time client, the Lenertz's. The production side of the WAS catalog was increasingly relying on my technical and graphical skills which included my custom-built graphics PC (it was way ahead of its time; its capabilities where equal to or better than those included with the off-the-shelf Lisas and then Macs in those days).

The idea for the company logo originated from some art I negotiated the use of from a client whose business had the same initials as Bennett Company. The hip caveman represents the earliest graphical designers and the text to its right represents "cutting edge" computer typesetting (for its time). The inference being, "we have had a lot of experience with all kinds of graphical and publishing projects."

Business Card traditonal
Business Card caveman
Bill Bennett Enterpirses arc logo.
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