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Billy Bones was my moniker in high school. As a production company of me, myself, and I, I produced two super 8mm movies; both for classes taught by the team of educators Mr. Miller & Mr. Davidson. The first film was "Buffalo Annie" a Mel Brooks style spoof of the Pony Express era in the U.S. (it was a history class). Miller/Davidson also taught a psychology class which inspired my second film "Fritz" a.k.a. "The Miller/Davidson Theory", a spoof on the series of 16mm films we saw during the psychology class. The films featured Fritz Perls  a German psychologist and one of the founders of Gestalt therapy. In the parody, Fritz surfs in to conduct a group therapy session with patients who are not only incurable but they also drive Fritz crazy to the point where he feels he has "lost his marbles."

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