My Computers


The first electronic game I played was Pong, a Christmas gift to the family from my dad. After that, it was Intellivision that my brother and I played Major League Baseball on relentlessly. The Commodore 64 offered a plethora of games on 5 1/4" floppies. Risk, Lords of Conquest, Kennedy Approach, Wheel of Fortune, and Pac Man were some of my favorites.

By far the best electronic game system ever built was the XBOX. I think most "gamers" would agree. The number of games, their sophistication, the graphics, and the controllers make it superior to anything else out there. I've played numerous games on my XBOX system, Tiger Woods golf being one of my favorites, more recently I've been hooked on Forza 7. I also like that some of the old arcade games have been developed for the XBOX.

original XBOX console.
Original XBOX console & plug-in controller (click for larger view).
XBOX power button.
XBOX power button.
Logitech wireless controllers.
Logitech wireless controllers. (click to view larger image.)
XBOX microphone.
XBOX microphone (click to view larger image.)