There were a lot of interesting technologies and equipment used to put together the Record newspaper each week. Friden Justiwriters were used to punch the tape that was used as input for the Singer phototypesetting machine which would output the text onto photo-sensitive paper which when developed and dried would be cut an waxed on the back and then placed into position on the layout page that would be later photographically duped as a negative for burning the plate used on the Web printing press to print the newspaper. There was also a Friden Typro machine which used a similar phototypesetting process for creating headlines and larger display text for advertisements. Several cameras were also used, there was a Press camera which used large replaceable flash bulbs and could only shoot one negative at a time. Each time you wanted to take a picture you had to slide out the previous film plate and slide in a new one. The Rolliflex camera which used 2 1/4" film, came along later and used film rolls of 12 and 24 pictures. The Kenro vertical camera is a large format camera which could shoot negatives and halftone images up to 24" X 18". The Kenro was used to shoot the pages of the newspaper which we then developed in-house, opaqued and stripped the negs into paper masks with two pages side-by-side. We would then take the set of negs to the printer, Riverside County Publishing Company, and they delivered the printed newspapers on pallets to the back door of our offices the next morning. At that point, we took each newspaper bundle and cut them open and placed them into hoppers in the Stepperman folding machine which would add advertising inserts to each paper, then roll and tie each paper and shoot it into a conveyor belt which took the papers into an awaiting mail truck for delivery to 20,000 households.

Kenro Vertical Camera (click to view)
Singer Phototypesetter (click to view)
Friden Justowriter
Friden Typro (click to view)
Friden Typro (click to view)
Paper Cutter
Offset Printing Press
Plate Burner
Press Camera
Rolleiflex Camera
Stepperman Newspaper Stuffer/Folder
Kenwood Manual Typewriter
Waxing Machine
Postal trucks - used for home delivery of newspapers
Dodge van - used for home delivery of newspapers