This page contains miscellaneous advertisements and stories that were printed in the Riverside County Record Newspaper over the years.

This Big-O Tires advertisment appeared in the paper in 1975. The photo is of my 1974 Dodge Dart with tires and rims purchased from Frank Kuma, owner of Big-O tires (click to view).
This story which appear in the Record 12-28-1961 announces the new Chineese retuarant being built by Bill Hayes, The Palace of the Dragon. One of our family's favorite places to eat during the 60's and 70's (click to view).
Palace of the Dragon advertisement that appeared in the Record to announce its opening. My dad, who was quite the artist, drew the dragon and the lettering shown in the ad using an ink pen. The "14.00" written in the top-right-hand corner is the price that was charged for the ad placement (click to view).
Record advertisement of the 2003 Juice Weasel Halloween party at the VFW.
This story that appeared in the Record is about the New Staters Bros. market that was being built on the corner of Rubidoux Blvd. and Mission Blvd. (click to view).
Photo showing Yeager Construction pouring the sidewalk out in front of the new Record/News building. (click to view).