My Computers



This model of the IBM PC was one of their first iterations. These were actually purchased by one of my Bennett Company customers who went down to Mexico and bought six of them thinking that he would make a killing reselling them. However, this was 1986 when the IBM AT 286 was their best selling model making the computer my client bought virtually worthless at the time he bought them. He was kind enough to give a couple to me for nostolgia's sake.


This was the first IBM clone computer that I built and then used to write the VBase program that ran our Video Place video rental store. It was on this computer that I learned all about the components that were needed to build an Intel-based computer and the skills required to program and create software interfaces for a computer.

1994 Packard Bell Windows 95

1996 Home Office Packard Bell Windows 95
(First home computer)

1996 Server Room

This room was originally named the Music room for obvious reasons; you can see my collections of casssette tapes on the wall and my vinyl LPs in the two equipment cabinets with my 24 channel mixing board on top and my TEAC reel-to-reel to the right. As I started accumulating computers and printers they went into this room and were all connected to a 100 Mbps Netgear data comm switch - my very first data comm network.

1999 Computer Xeon III Windows NT

1999 Home Office Windows NT

2000 Home Office

2002 Home Office

2002 Server Room

2003 Compaq Windows 98

2004 Server Room

2005 Home Office Computer Dual XEON Processors Windows XP

2007 Server Room Telco Rack

2014 Home Office

2016 Computers Windows 7 & 10

2016 Server Room Telco Racks

2018 Home Office

2023 Home Office